Thanks a lot to the Hans Herrmann Voss-Stiftung for their support.
Thanks a lot to the Collective Incubator for their support.



Autodesk is a leading global provider of design and manufacturing technologies. We use their software products to design our aircraft models and carry out optimisations before construction. Thanks a lot, to Autodesk for their support.

Financial and Material Partners


AMAC GmbH s an industrial and management consultancy in the field of lightweight materials. Thank you for your support..

Holybro is a company dedicated to helping people who want to build their own UAVs at home. They offer a wide range of products, including autopilots and peripheral devices, GPS & RTK systems and FPV products. We also benefit from that range of product. Especially when it comes to prototyping, it is a huge support for us to start with a kit and then switch to customised models. We thank you for your support.

3Dconnexion is an online shop for SpaceMouses, CadMouses and further accessories. The 3D-mice support 3D software solutions from companies such as Autodesk, Microsoft, Adobe and many more. Our team gets to work with the 3D mice from 3DConnexion and optimises its workflow when designing projects. Thank you for supporting us with your devices.

Flugzeugbanner-Galina produces aerial advertisement in all sizes. For this they use in a particular a modern, high quality, light and hardwearing fabric out of 100 percent Nylon. Thanks to the sponsored flight banner we have the invaluable chance to fly one of four missions for the international DBF competition 2020 ahead of time and are able to optimize our plane before it has to perform. In this sense: Thank you for your sponsorship!

AMAXinno is a motor manufacturer that supplies its high-performance motors to us for our models. In addition to its specialised motors, AMAXinno also offers all the electronic components that one need to build their own drone. We thank you for your support.

APC Propellers has as been involved in the development and production of propellers since 1989. They lead the market with the most efficient and quietest injection moulded propellers for model making. They supply us with a range of different propellers that are essential for our projects. We thank you for your support.

Advanced Power Drives (APD) specialises in the development and manufacture of motor control solutions for sensorless brushless motors. Thank you for your support!

ASUS IoT is a subsidiary of ASUS, which is dedicated to creating incredible solutions in the fields of AI and IoT. They supported us with single board computers. We thank you very much for this.

CarbonTeam is a manufacturer, shop and supplier of carbon fibre, carbon semi-finished products, carbon fibre sheets, carbon tubes and many other products made of or from carbon fibre. Their team manufactures CFRP, carbon fibre and carbon in its own production and ships from Germany to the whole world. Thanks to CarbonTeam we successfully participated in the DBF Competition 2019. Thanks a lot for the support!

Eckstein GmbH is a well-known contact in the field of electronic components. They offer a wide range of products for IoT, hobby, research and educational projects and support us with numerous electronic components, which are intended for our upcoming projects with autonomous drones.
Thank you for your support.

Hexcel is a global leader in advanced composite technology and a leading manufacturer of carbon fibre reinforcements and resin systems. Especially in the aerospace industry it is an essential component. Thank you supporting us with so-called prepegs!

Kontronik is a German company that specialises in the development and production of high-performance drives for model making. We benefit above all from the Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC for short) and motors which we installed in the DBF 2023. Thank you for your support!

Lancom is a leading European manufacturer of secure and reliable network and security solutions for business and administration. The company supports us with mobile routers, which we need for our competitions with autonomous drones. Thank you for your support!

With his company  MainzAIR Wolfgang Mainzer pools his expertise to provide customers with professional support from consulting, production and support through to the operation of inflatable shapes and advertising media in the field of trade fair construction and events. The added value of his work lies above all in the flexibility to fulfil individual wishes and to coordinate the entire course of the project.

Making goods accessible at any time and for everyone

We utilise the flexibility and speed of drones and combine them with automated landing and storage stations on the ground. This allows us to create customised delivery networks for the cities of the future.

As a young and dedicated team, we strive to optimise the delivery infrastructure through air-enabled transport. Our first milestone is the innovation of medical logistics, which will eventually expand to spare parts and everyday delivery services. With our academic background and a well-positioned team in various fields of expertise, we are laying the foundation for this exciting innovation.

Experience with Urban Ray a new dimension in delivery logistics


PCBway offers services such as PCB prototyping and mass production, PCB assembly (SMT), 3D-printing, CNC-machining, PCB-design, electronic module sales and much more.
They strive to fulfil the needs of global manufacturers from various industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost efficiency and all other demanding requirements of electronics.

Thank you for your support.

Serverando is well known in the refurbished industry for rack servers, blades, storage servers and accessories. Thank you for your support.

Stoff4you is one of the biggest online-providers for meter-long fabrics and sewing accessories in Germany. Highly accurate products are sewed for their customers in their own sewing shop: They have it all, no matter whether shade, wind protection/screen, table blanket, pillow, curtain or like in our case: the flight banner for the upcoming DBF competition in the USA. Because of their sponsorship we are able to fly the flight missions with the banner ahead of time and optimize them. Thank you, a lot!

Teijin is a chemical and pharmaceutical company that also manufactures carbon sheets and tubes as well as carbon hoses. Thank you for your support especially in the area of carbon.

Vishay is one of the world's most sought-after manufacturers of electronic components. They support us with all the electronic components we need for the production of our competition models. Thank you for you support.

Watterott electronic is an electronics company specialising in open hardware, DIY and development components. Their aim is to offer their own microcontroller boards and special, hard-to-find development components. Therefore: Thank you for your support!



The Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV) is Europe's leading research institute for plastics technology and based in Aachen.



The DGLR is the oldest institution in Germany that provides a common forum for aerospace. It is the only technical and scientific association for aerospace in Germany. We would like to thank you for your support.