DBF 2020


The DBF competition could not be held in 2020 due to the corona pandemic.

Instead we visited the DBF team of Graz.

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 “design, fabricate, and demonstrate the flight capabilities of an unmanned, electric powered, radio controlled aircraft”  


  • Organizer AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)  
  • >100 international teams 
  • Different rules every year 

Wichita, Kansas, USA


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What are the missions of the competition? How are points distributed?

Necessary documents:

  • Design Report 

Necessary Inspections

  • Technical inspection (test for theoretical flight capabilities)

Mission 1: 

  • Three aerodrome circuits 
  • Points:  

Mission 2: 

  •  Timed passenger and Cargo transport (3 rounds) 
  • Points: 1 + [N_(#passengers/time) / Max_(#passengers/time)] 

Mission 3: 

  •  Banner flight (10 minutes) 
  • 2 + [N_(#laps X banner length) / Max_(#laps X banner length)] 

Ground Mission Loading and unloading of the passengers[min_time/time] 


TotalScore = DesignReportScore * Sum(missions) 


What are the rules of the competition? 

  • Maximum of 1,524m wingspan 
  • Passenger weight 115g 
  • Cargo weight 28g 
  • Banner length to height ratio 5:1 
  • Maximum Battery capacity 200Wh 

Our Preparations for DBF 2020

Thanks to the first participation in the competition of DBF 2019 we have collected many new insights and ideas. For our next competition we planned to build new prototypes and test new ideas. The subsystems are supposed to be tested. We optimize the application of the banner in a wind channel. We are planning to accomplish more test flights to improve times and address problems ahead of time.  

This time the body of the model aircraft is constructed from carbon fibre and the aerofoil will be developed via carbon fibre-sandwich-method. The model aircraft is supposed to be optimized for velocity and manoeuvrability.


Still have questions or want to join us? Simply send us a mail.

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