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Young initiatie with full commitment

Our initiative has been a part of RWTH Aachen University since 2019 and is passionately committed to the research and development of drones, UAVs and copters. Our team consists of dedicated students from a wide range of disciplines who work together to realise innovative projects and shape the future of drone technology.


Every project starts with an idea. An approach to solve a problem or master the tasks of a competition. It doesn't matter if its a general concept or a concrete plan, this Idea is the initial spark. In this, besides detailed discussion of the challenge at hand we see team building as a major component.


Before any of our projects gets into the air it has to be developed and build. Here it is paramount to solve the many new challenges in a practical way and to find realistic solutions that can be implemented. Besides theoretical knowledge this requires a certain amount of craftsmanship.


Flying aircraft is the end goal of all our projects. This is where it becomes obvious if we chose the right approach to win the competition or fulfill our objective. The Experience of a successfully completed project gives us the motivation to try again the next time or find ever new goals.

Our partners

We are a member of TechAachen. What is TechAachen?

We are about 400 students from RWTH and FH Aachen, that in addition to university participate in competitions, realize ideas and engage in sustainability and social matters. We are a collection of multiple clubs with different goals and projects. Through our umbrella organization TechAachen e.V. we combine or strengths, exchange knowledge and combine or networks.