What do we stand for?

We are an innovative initiative founded by motivated students at RWTH Aachen University. We are enthusiastic about developing and building all kinds of (autonomous) aircraft to take part in international competitions and research projects. We want to advance the development of UAVs for industry and research with a view to sustainability and humanity. We apply the specialised knowledge we have acquired in our studies in the fields of aeronautical engineering, computer science and electrical engineering in our projects. This allows us to deepen the knowledge we have acquired and continue our own training in the engineering fields.  

Our Motto Discover.Develop.Fly stands for our core activities and emphasizes the diversity and creativity of our ADDI e.V. initiative. 




Every donation counts

In order to realise our goals, values and projects, we need your support! In addition to their studies, our team members invest a lot of time and energy in the projects and competitions. However, we approach this work with enthusiasm and ambition and would like to further expand the possibilities of this initiative in the future.  

In order to be able to realise all of our outstanding ideas and projects in the future, we are short of money. We would like to take this opportunity to appeal for a donation and show you the opportunities that ADDI e.V. offers students. Every donation helps us and the organisation a little further! 

Do you have questions for us? 

Than please contact us and find out more about our initiative and activities. 

Write us a mail or come visit us at our workshop.

We would be happy to talk to you in person.

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