Project 2022

This year we are launching our new project. Building on the solar aeroplane we built for IMAV 2021, we are now developing a new aircraft.

This time we are not bound by the rules of a competition. This allows us to think freely and adjust more variables. To do this, we are taking another look at the holistic aircraft design and looking at which electronic components we need to replace or even develop ourselves.

If you already have experience in these areas or would like to learn more and are interested in joining us, please get in touch using the contact form or send us an email directly.

IMAV 2021

As part of the IMAV 2021 Outdoor Competition, we developed a solar aeroplane for the Endurance Mission.

Unfortunately, IMAV 2021 was ultimately switched to a fully online congress, which is why our aircraft will not be used at the competition. Nevertheless, we have continued to test extensively what we can improve on the aircraft. The weight was further optimised and the drivetrain, which includes a specially designed gearbox, was revised.

Our Team

Team Endurance was founded in October 2019 as part of ADDI. We want to start at the point of the current development of solar-powered aircraft and carry out research work. With the support of RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen, our interest as a group of young, ambitious engineers lies in the research and development of a revolutionary aircraft designed for the longest possible uninterrupted flight time. This is to be made possible by solar cells installed on the wings, which recharge the batteries that power the aircraft during flight. Furthermore, the aircraft should be able to fly and navigate completely autonomously through autonomous control in order to enable continuous operational capability over several days or weeks.

Autonomous solar-powered aeroplanes that can stay in the air for several days have a wide range of potential applications. The concept promises to sustainably complement and enrich areas such as search & rescue, landscape and forest fire monitoring, traffic monitoring and many others.


Still have questions or want to join us? Simply send us a mail.

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