ACC 2022

Air Cargo Challenge 2022


After Akamodell München won the Air Cargo Challenge in 2019, the Air Cargo Challenge 2022 took place in Munich. A postponement caused by the coronavirus pandemic meant that this time the development phase was almost two years long. However, the pandemic presented the teams with a whole host of other problems that had to be overcome. Due to official concerns, the flying field had to be changed shortly before the competition and many new things had to be organised.

Despite everything, however, a great competition was organised, which resulted in a close contest.


We won!


In the competition against 26 teams from all over the world, we were ultimately able to prevail! This means that we will be organising the next Air Cargo Challenge in Aachen in 2024. We are really looking forward to it and are full of ideas on how to make it a great event.

Technical Report

In this report we describe in great detail how we designed, constructed and built our competition aircraft. It also describes how our team was organised and how we selected the components we used.

This report had to be sent to the organisers at least two months before the competition to show that we already had an almost finished aircraft at that time. On the basis of this report, penalty points were also awarded at the competition if any major changes were made afterwards.

Video Presentation

The second task, which had to be completed before the competition, was the production of a video. In this video, the team was to be presented and the progress in the construction of the aeroplane was to be shown. This also served to prove that we had produced most of the aircraft components ourselves.

Furthermore, a short "Proof of Flight" video should be included in the video presentation to show that our aircraft is airworthy.

Since each team had to create such a video, a YouTube playlist was created that summarises all the videos.

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